Our Charter of Commitment

This Charter guarantees consumers in terms of our commitment:

–To preserve the characteristics and qualities of certain apicultural regions
–To select honeys from regions protected from harmful and polluting elements
–To value the know-how of producers

Besides complying with applicable laws (Honey Directive 2001/110/EC in particular) signatory beekeepers commit to implement specific production means in 2014, according to the following criteria: 

Selection and respect of the production area’s environment

Selected production areas must be protected from harmful and polluting elements by:

–The absence cities of more than 500.000 inhabitants within a 25 km radius, of urban areas of more than 150.000 inhabitants within a 10 km radius
–The absence of chemical and/or oil industries within a 20 km radius
–The absence of nuclear power plants within a 20 km radius
–The absence of public landfills or waste incinerators within a 5 km radius
–The absence of motorways within a 3 km radius
–The absence of airports within a 10 km radius


Respect of beekeeping traditions

–Using traditional wooden hives and frames
–Use of plastic, aluminum or polystyrene hives and plastic frames is banned
–Honey must be extracted by cold centrifugation (without any other heat source than this of room temperature)


Respect of beekeeping production techniques

–Use of chemical repellents to collect honey is banned
–Use of antibiotics to treat producing hives is banned

Famille Michaud Apiculteurs commits to monitor the residue.

The qualification criteria are as defined by the Specifications.

The beekeeper commits to implement environment-friendly beekeeping practices, to ensure the preservation and well-being of bees, for they are sentinels of the environment and actors of biodiversity.