Our AGRO expertise

With Famille Michaud Apiculteurs, add natural value to your products. As a supplier and partner of industrials and food services, of the nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, our Famille Michaud Natural Ingredients department helps you ‘naturally’ add value to your products thanks to:

— Our passion for honey…
According to the floral origin and beekeeping techniques used, honey offers a whole range of flavors, colors and surprising textures. By developing a wide variety of honey tastes, Famille Michaud Natural Ingredients will boost your creativity.

A varied and wide range of honeys
– Floral honeys from France, Europe and from the rest of the world
– Monofloral honeys of acacia, orange blossom, lavender…
– Regional honeys: Pyrenees, Alps, Provence, Gâtinais…
– Organic honeys
– Honey powder

 Agave syrup

By partnering with the best Mexican agave producers, Famille Michaud Natural Ingredients is able to supply standard or organic agave syrups. Agave syrup is a 100% natural sweetener derived from blue agave, a plant very rich in fructose that grows in the desert soils of Mexico.
Agave syrup or nectar was already used in Mexico over 2000 years ago by the Aztecs, who liked its sweet and mild sap.
Its high sweetening power, low glycemic index, neutral flavor and golden, its fluid texture while hot or cold make it the ideal and natural partner of your recipes and meals.

— Maple Syrup: Canada’s natural sugar
Originating from the depth of Canadian forests, maple syrup, a 100% pure product, is one of the sweet delights offered by nature, deriving from maple sap. This emblem of Canada both embodies the rebirth of nature in spring and the unmistakable tree that adorns the forests of the Great North.

Without additives or preservatives, maple syrup and sugars are obtained thanks to an evaporation and concentration process of the natural sap of Canadian maple trees. This famous maple syrup (as well as maple nuggets) crossed the Atlantic to let you discover a natural, tasty and healthy way to ‘differently’ sweeten your meals!

— Packagings suitable for all needs
All these products may be ordered in BULK, in buckets of 5, 10 or 25 kg, drums of 280 kg and containers of 1.300 kg. Food grade certificates are available on demand.
Discover these ingredients of natural origin that will add value and help differentiate your products!