Our catering expertise

Famille Michaud Apiculteurs, a honey expert at the service of collective and commercial catering! Since 1920, Famille Michaud Apiculteurs has been offering the best quality at the best price! Diversity of flavors, colors, materials… genuineness, naturalness…

For us at Famille Michaud Apiculteurs, honey is not a product, but rather a whole floral universe available in cups, glass jars, presentation boxes and squeezers.

 Pollen analysis
Present in honey, pollen is a true ID and is analyzed in detail by our palynologists. Their expertise, very rare today, allows them to accurately identify the floral and geographical origin of each honey. Each sample is examined, encoded and filed into our Famille Michaud Apiculteurs database and sample bank. As a specialist of catering services, you may rely on our professionalism.

— Preparation
Each appellation goes through a strict preparation and control process carried out by our Laboratory, guaranteeing a constant taste and quality of our all our honeys and syrups. The professionalism of this private laboratory has won us an award (for honey analysis): the ISO-CEI 17025 accreditation by COFRAC*.
*Scope of accreditation available at www.cofrac.fr

— Mastering honey consistency
Our exclusive and 100% natural stabilization process guarantees a lasting texture of honey, even beyond the ‘Best Before’ Date: honeys remain clear and fluid, creamy ones remain thin and smooth.

From the hive to your kitchen, the route and characteristics of each honey batch are carefully documented and totally traceable, whichever the steps of the process.