Our presence in hyper/supermarkets

Bernard Michaud had a passion for large-scale distribution and launched ‘Lune de Miel®’ in 1959, the first brand dedicated to selling honey in hyper and supermarkets.

— The purpose of Lune de Miel® is to offer and allow honeys amateurs to discover the highest quality in each floral appellation (acacia, lavender, orange blossom, clover, lemon tree…). Our brand keeps innovating by supplying very convenient packages.

— Today Famille Michaud Apiculteurs (with its Lune de Miel® and Miel l’Apiculteur® brands) is the leader on the French market.

— The aim of our company is to offer gourmets a wide range of authentic tastes and flavors. Our selection of regional honeys is the fruit of the most typical harvests, representative of the flora of each French region.

We sell honeys and bee products in more than 59 countries and in 100% of French retail outlets thanks to our France and Export commercial teams.