Our brands


Lune de Miel ®

The purpose of Lune de Miel® honeys and bee products is to offer and allow honeys amateurs to discover the highest quality in each floral appellation (acacia, lavender, orange blossom, clover, lemon tree…). Taste Lune de Miel® honeys: it is good for you and you will be certain to please your palate. We deliver the best of the hive in innovating packages (glass jar, squeeze plastic jar, Doypack bag…), in all sizes (ranging from 30g to 1kg) and with different textures: liquid honey or creamy honey containing very thin crystals. The origin of each Lune de Miel® honey is fully guaranteed.


Miel l’Apiculteur ®

In cooperation with French beekeepers, Miel l’Apiculteur® offers 100% local flavors and honeys! Taste Miel l’Apiculteur® honeys: you will enjoy a selection of honeys from the heart of every French region, derived from the most noble and locally represented florae (smell of lavender and thyme in Provence, smoothness and subtlety of the white honey from Champagne…). As the guardian of preserved naturalness , Miel l’Apiculteur® possesses an ancestral know-how, and decides where to put its hives relying on its knowledge of the climate, soils and honey-producing flowers.


Sunny Bio ®

Sunny Bio® agave syrups are the result of a rigorous selection process of the best Mexican organic agave plants. Consumers who care for their well-being and the environment will find with the Sunny Bio® agave syrup range a balanced alternative to traditional sugar, plus a neutral taste, a low glycemic index and one of the highest fructose contents on the market. Taste Sunny Bio®: you will please your palate without guilt thanks to pure and organic agave syrups that respect the environment.


Sunny Via ®

Sunny Via® is the standard version of Sunny Bio® agave syrups. Sunny Via® products are of consistent quality and carefully selected by Mexican producers who are our long-time partners. Sunny Via® agave syrups allow you to sweeten your meals differently and naturally using convenient and eco-friendly packages. Without feeling guilty or altering the taste of food, Sunny Via® agave syrups are 100% natural: nothing is added, nothing is removed.


Maple Joe ®

Maple Joe® embodies the conviviality of Canadian culture with 100% pure maple syrups of unparalleled quality. Thanks to our partnership with the best Canadian maple producers, the famous Maple Joe® brand selects the best maple syrups to make your daily life sweeter. Available as standard or organic syrups, Maple Joe® will sweeten your salty or sweet meals with a slight caramel flavor. An inimitable taste and a guaranteed origin!