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    Honey from the producer

    Is honey bought directly from the producer better ?

    No matter where you buy your honey, it must always be 100% Pure and Natural and meet the regulations.

    Most of the producers who sell directly on the markets, on the roadsides are very good producers who will inform you with passion about their job, will make you taste and discover different honeys and you will spend a very good moment.

    On the other hand, we notice that some producers put more energy in denigrating and criticizing the honeys sold in supermarkets instead of talking about the quality of their honeys. They talk about “competing” honeys saying that they are industrial honeys and that they are not natural. This is not true since the honeys sold in supermarkets and hypermarkets must comply with the regulations and are generally the only ones that are regularly controlled by accredited laboratories!

    At Famille Michaud, we control 100% of our honeys by analysis because the bee is a free insect that circulates within a radius of 3 km around its hive and is therefore not controllable. It is necessary to control the honey to ensure its quality at the end. And we sometimes reject some honeys for defects linked to the non respect of the good beekeeping practices or to floral appellations which do not correspond to the one initially announced. Our analysis techniques are constantly being perfected to ensure that the quality of our honey is beyond reproach.

    Honey is a preserved product, it must remain so.