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    Organic Honey & Non Organic Honey

    Is ORGANIC honey of better quality than NON-ORGANIC honey? What justifies the price difference ?


    Certified organic honey meets strict specifications on the means implemented concerning the conditions of harvesting and production: preserved areas, hives made of natural materials, use of products from Organic Agriculture, regulated treatments, traceability and transparency of operations … (EC standards).
    It is found in smaller quantities because it generates costs of implementation and certification which will have for consequence to increase its price.

    Nevertheless, the organic honey is not more pure or of better quality because the bee is a free insect which circulates in a radius of 3 km around its hive and this zone of action cannot be physically controlled. It is therefore necessary to control the honey produced to ensure its final quality, regardless of the method of production and harvesting.

    At Famille Michaud, we believe that all honeys, whether organic or not, must be preserved and that is why we control 100% of our honeys in our laboratory.

    Our organic honeys bring you a double guarantee:

    > a selection of honeys from organic beekeeping,

    > a rigorous control of the honey after its harvest and its setting in pot and, which guarantees absolutely the conformity of the honey which you will taste.