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    Honey to heal

    Is it true that honey has a healing power on wounds and burns ?


    The use of honey for therapeutic purposes, especially for healing, dates back to long before modern medicine. Already at the time of the Pharaohs its virtues were known.

    These are mentioned in the papyrus discovered by Edwin Smith proposing honey to cure infections.

    Since then, it has been used throughout the ages in traditional and popular medicine for its ability to heal wounds quickly and cleanly.


    The high sugar content of honey gives it antimicrobial qualities. The constitution of honey and its acidic pH also prevent the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. It is also a good anti-inflammatory.

    Its high concentration of water allows it to spread over the entire surface of the wound, which allows the tissues to heal in an optimal way. The symbiosis that is created between honey and tissues allows the water it contains to enter the wound and thus slow down its dehydration. Honey helps the development of new cells and allows a fast healing.

    Honey is more and more indicated for its virtues. We see it appearing in new forms of therapeutic products and dressings.

    It can even be prescribed in medical environment. This is the case of Professor Descottes’ department at the Limoges University Hospital, which has been doing research on the subject for two decades with conclusive results.