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    Is there such a thing as industrial honey ?

    Honey cannot be made by man, only the bee can make honey.

    Honey is always a 100% pure and natural product and must meet the same regulatory requirements regardless of its use or the sales channel.

    There is no such thing as industrial honey. Man only harvests it and puts it in a jar.

    On the other hand there is a denomination “honey intended for industry” which is defined by the regulation (directive 2001-110-CE of 20/12/2011) and also corresponds to a 100% pure and natural honey, without any addition of other ingredient but whose gustative qualities would have been degraded by a heating or a prolonged storage.

    In such a situation, this honey can no longer be sold in a jar as a mouth-watering honey and be sold in stores as. But, it can still be used in the manufacture of food or cosmetic products including honey. It must then be identified as industrial honey in the list of ingredients mentioned on the label of the product.