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    Our beekeeping store

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    Famille Michaud Apiculteurs is the story of several generations of a family of beekeepers and specialists in beekeeping and hive products.

    The company was born in Béarn, in France’s Pyrénées-Atlantiques département. It grew up there and is continuing to develop there today. Backed by love for its terroir and nearly a century of know-how and innovations in beekeeping, it is committed to supporting the development of honey production in the region.

    Our “La Miellerie des Pyrénées” store opened its doors in 2008. Serving all beekeepers, including full-time beekeepers, part-time professionals, and hobbyists, the 200 m2 showroom and retail space are a paradise for beekeeping devotees.

    Our beekeeping store

    “Here, every beekeeper, from hobbyist to professional, can find the gear and equipment they need for their activity.”

    Feel free to submit a request for quotation if you have specific equipment needs. The offerings include both beekeeping equipment and honey, pollen, royal jelly, and more. Thanks to its vast range of products at competitive prices, the “La Miellerie des Pyrénées” store is helping to popularise and develop honey production.

    It’s part of a virtuous circle that doesn’t stop there, since this beekeeping store is also a direct sales outlet for Famille Michaud Apiculteurs hive products: Lune de Miel®, Terre de Miel® and MIEL L’Apiculteur®.