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    Famille Michaud Apiculteurs is deeply attached to its national terroir and the company’s priority is to jar French honey.

    But with national honey consumption at about 45,000 tonnes per year, the production of French honey is unfortunately insufficient. Over the past twenty years, the production of French honey dropped from 32,000 tonnes in 1995 to 13,206 tonnes in 2014. It was estimated at 27,736 tonnes in 2018*. Several factors have contributed to this drop in production, including the massive use of pesticides, the reduction of bee food sources, pollution, the development of the Asian hornet, and unfavourable climate conditions.

    Terroirs preserved

    “Now more than ever, Famille Michaud Apiculteurs is paying attention to the well-being of bees.”

    We know that pure honey, which passes each step in our thorough inspection process, necessarily comes from clean territories free of pollution. Bees know no borders; they need only vast expanses of land populated with the best flower varieties, healthy water nearby, and a devoted beekeeper.

    This commitment is not only financial in nature. Famille Michaud Apiculteurs is also joining forces with beekeepers who care about installing their hives in isolated regions, far from pollution. They have signed a charter that indicates their eagerness to protect their bees from nuisances such as noise and pesticides, and to select fertile grounds with specific, rich flora.

    This low-impact approach was initiated by Famille Michaud Apiculteurs to allow all consumers, regardless of their taste and needs, to enjoy the best of what bees have to offer.

    *source FranceAgriMer