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    Crystals in honey

    Why does my liquid honey have crystals ? Can I still consume it ?

    According to the flower gathered, the honey will crystallize more or less quickly and all the more quickly that its temperature of storage will be close to 14°C. On the contrary, crystallized honeys will tend to liquefy if the storage temperature is higher than 27°.

    The most important natural components of honey are glucose and fructose. Honeys with a high glucose content crystallize faster than honeys with a high fructose content.

    Therefore, liquid honey containing crystals remains suitable for consumption and does not lose its qualities. If you wish to liquefy it completely, you can bring it close to a heat source such as an oven or radiator or hold it for a few minutes in a gentle water bath.

    Be careful though, high or prolonged heating degrades the properties and flavors of honey.