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    Product of the hive: propolis

    What is propolis ?


    Known for thousands of years for its extraordinary properties, propolis is collected by bees from the buds of trees that secrete this rare resinous substance to protect and promote the growth of young shoots. It is the universal remedy to fight all the ills of the colony.
    The buds of certain trees (poplars, elms, beeches, chestnut trees…) produce a protective resin. The bees collect this substance and bring it back to the hive for various uses: propolis fills holes and cracks, allows to glue frames, to coat cells and combs but its main role is to purify and disinfect the hive.
    During a beekeeping season, it is possible to collect from 60 to 300 grams on average per hive, without depriving it of this universal remedy. Propolis contains surprisingly active substances, recognized since Antiquity, for their bactericidal, antifungal and healing properties.
    The Egyptians reserved it for the Pharaohs to defend, purify, regenerate the organism and to mummify the tombs. Many other uses will be considered because propolis has not yet revealed all its secrets …

    Our research and our expertise in beekeeping techniques have enabled us to stabilize the association of honey with propolis. Propolis could not be mixed with liquid honey without its components rising to the surface. It is by mastering the crystallization of honey that we can interweave the propolis extracts and preserve its soothing virtues.